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"Tillex is a wonderful app, in constant evolution, our portfolio just keeps growing on a daily basis. Very user friendly at all levels."
Brice Guibert, Restaurant Manager, Cherwell Boathouse

Start selling tomorrow

Your contactless Tillo shop can be online in just 24 hours - and will look as if it was created only for you
A clever online ordering, delivery and click&collect website that works like an app
Tillex works perfectly on any device
It displays your goods beautifully; it takes payment securely
It tracks your customers’ delivery and collection needs with ease

Only pay when you sell

No monthly fee
4.9% Flat rate per transaction
By the way, that's a clear
10% LESS
per transaction than our most popular rival
No hidden costs or upgrades
No transaction fees

Simple to setup and operate

No coding required!! And, in any case, our savvy advisors get you up and running
No new hardware necessary - run Tillex from any smartphone, tablet or laptop
Personal expert support when you need it
"We were able to quickly move from relentless phone order taking to everything happening in a second, just a few clicks and the order is ready for collection. No longer stuck in the office, adding orders, correcting mistakes... It makes us free to be on the floor, free to implement distancing and other new rules from the lockdown"

You have total control

TILLEX has superb back office features ensuring retailers enjoy a smooth order + delivery + stock control + payment process. Software engineering for shops made simple.

Your state-of-the-art online shop doorway

Beautifully crafted and intuitive
Makes buying and ordering a total joy
Makes selling incredibly simple for staff
Designed to upsell special touches and extras that make local businesses stand out
Designed by one of the UK’s top B2B software coders
It’s the distillation of 20 years’ of glitch-free, secure and compliant programme building

Giant online selling software with a local touch

Tillex tracks orders,
deliveries and
stock with
Has it arrived? Is it ready? Has it been collected? Tillo’s traffic light dashboard reassures you and your customers at a glance.
Its scheduling
and alert
systems are
Receive orders instantly. Automatically get timely alerts to pickers, chefs, to serving and counter staff, to the back office. Link orders to your stockroom and tell Tillex what you want to know, and when. Generate in-time stock replacement lists. Quickly turn surpluses into enticing special offers.
Tillex is big
software at a
fair price
Tillex offers all the e-commerce features you’ll ever need. But it looks like your own bespoke website, so is bespokely branded to suit your needs. It is as inviting, warm and unique as you want it to be.

Is it safe?

Tillex software boasts
fully protecting your customers’ private information and your finances.
Stripe, our partner payment platform is
with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
Tillo’s data uploading and storage systems are
to meet all your GDPR needs and protect the reputation of your business.
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